We are not livestock

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  1. Some of the other threads have inspired discussions of life under socialism. Many find it threatening, others civilizing. I think history has recorded accurately that it is deeply flawed, but there is more to the debate than simple economics. Just as the superior GDP growth of a totally capitalist society does not mean it is the ideal environment, the apparent leisure and carefree attributes of socialism mask an underlying threat.

    Author and commentator Thomas Sowell has written that socialism seeks to treat people as livestock. People in a socialist society have their basic needs met, after a fashion, but they lack control over important aspects of their lives. Something as basic as where you live can be a decision for the Housing Cpommitte, not you. The allure of free medical care loses some luster when you cannot choose your physician. Of course, everyone has a job, if they want one, but the Labor Committee will tell you where you work. Some rights lib's here are obsessed with are protected, like the right to an abortion, even if you don't want one. How many children to have is a decision for the state to help you with.

    At least the elderly can live in dignity. Well, unless they need medical care. No sense wasting it on people who are about to die anyway. Of course, exceptions can be made. For the Party elites. Some farm animals are more equal than others, it seems.
  2. but if you really want to discuss the advantages to various forms of government just look at some real world examples and discuss. Your entire post is speculation.

    I think that the key is to have the basics paid for on a societal level... power, water, education, health care, and in the case of large cities, subsidized transportation (subways, buses, etc.). It's fine if you have a power bill, just not a $400 power bill, and the same goes for water, education, health care, subway fares, etc. Certain things should never be privatized because they are too important. The problem with capitalism, or pure capitalism as it was termed in a previous thread, is that it doesn't guarantee protections. Countries need some sort of collective, consensus, governing body to look after basic needs.

    As far as any real or predicted economic impact resulting from the collection of taxes, well, too bad. The most important factor in any society is that the basics are taken care of at all times... just ask Iraq. Most would rather have So Damn Insane back just because they had what they considered to be the basics of life before the war. It just shows you what's important on the most basic of levels.
  3. "Gee Mommy my tooth hurts," says the little girl.
    "Well learn to live with it, Daddy lost his job with the plant relocating to Asia.
    "But Mommy, it hurts!!"
    "We can't afford the ridiculous high medical costs in the US, just thank Capitalism."


    "How the hell are we going to get rid of all these missiles and bombs, we have such a huge supply of these things." Bob comments.
    "Don't worry Bob, we'll just pay the administration to go start some bull%&*@ war, let the politicians figure a way to sucker the idiotic people in believing something."


    "Hey Johnny, look what I got, its the latest shoot'em up video game."
    "Alright Tom, I want to set the marching band on fire."
    "Thank God for capitalism Johnny, sex and violence really does sell good, imagine living in a socialistic society where morals are held to a higher standard."
    "LOL! Tom, after this lets go shoot our classmates at school."


    "Lets see, bloody gloves are hiden. Bloody clothes dumped at airport garbage. Kato was asleep. Damn the Bronco has blood in it. No worry, I'll just write a bigger check to cover the lawyer fees to get me off the hook. No such thing as law in a capitalistic society as long as your wealthy."


    God bless Capitalism.......its going to need it.
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  6. who is a bigger loser, a socialist, or a socialist who posts on an american trading web site ?
  7. some people are willing to live like livestock, or else there wouldn't be any socialism. I am not one those people and neither are the majority of americans, no matter how much the lefties wish it were so.

    america and the rest of the world surivived and thrived for a very long time with unfettered pure capitalism. Basic fact, ignore it at the expense of your sanity.
  8. People want socialism when they're laid off (made redundant) with no money in savings and they want capitalism when they get a good oil contract or get the corner office on the top floor.

    Pure capitalism would leave people starving to death with no government subsidized programs. Pure socialism would leave no reward for true innovation and would leave all people under that system uninterested in taking on risks.

    Risk takers benefit society by allowing growth, technological advancement and healthy competition. There is no incentive for risk under a pure socialist society.

    Probably the best of both worlds is a capitalistic socialism that provides for people who cannot provide for themselves but to hold everyone accountable for their actions. We all start off with a "get out of jail free" card. Anyone caught abusing the system gets put on a list of "free-loaders" who then, if they encounter financial hardship, don't get shit from the state.

    Everyone needs assistance if they are truly looking to get back on their feet. The problem lies with a system that rewards crack addicts to have more crack babies just so they can get a bigger welfare check from the state.

    Likewise, anyone abusing the capitalistic side of the equation (Enron, Worldcom) should have the death penalty made available. If someone has enough power to corrupt an entire localized system and force thousands into the unemployment lines while also raping shareholders, there should be a death penalty available for that. The amount of damage they cause is far greater than a simple armed robbery where the assailant shoots the store-owner and robs the cash drawer.

    The nice suit and tie shouldn't mask the extreme greed and evil underneath. Hang the SOBS.

  9. As the socialists are bitching about capitalism, they are typing on computers that were invented by the capitalists. :D
  10. very true aphex.

    socialism thrives on lack of hope, fear, and envy. Dark times breed dark philosophies.
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