We are just witnessing the end of

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mikeenday, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. mikeenday

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    the greatest bull market that lasted for the past two years.

    now what?
    short some 3X bull ETF and come back to check the positions in one year.
  2. or get a margin call...
  3. jokepie


    I would like to say yes....
    The Macro economic factors, rushed IPO's, fresh flare of Lay-offs, Kinda muted Guidence... All indicate that we are or might be close to the TOP of this fabulous - once in a life time bull market.

    One thing is still missing - Euphoria of the general crown - money on the sidelines is till waiting.

    If we ARE guessing, I belive we will be entring some hightened volatality during which we will have sharp rallies and drops and then a bear cycle.... however I believe we won't see a bottom like we saw in 2009. It will some where arnd 8500 (unless Inflation pushed us in Depression).

    Any hoo... I can feel what you are feeling right now.

    My advice, Get a small position going in , untill we clearly ENTER the BEar.

  4. noone3


    Volatility is an indication of bear signs, or at least a bad indicator for a bull market.

    I agree that the volatility will slowly push prices lower, for not one specific reason.
    Things are globally unsustainable and systematic risk is kicking in..
  5. noone3


    Question is, which ETFs do you people believe are best leveraged to reflect a down-side long term (6mo-18mo) move?
  6. Bob111


    why etf, if you sure about down move? short futures then..not enough? go with options :)
  7. 377OHMS


    I usually "leave in May and stay away" but that isn't a viable strategy for a full-timer.
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  9. jokepie


    ETF's are not the best way to go about, look for laggers in the bull market, start building long term OTM option positions as a starter and then bulid more as confirmation of Bear markets emerge...
  10. mikeenday

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    I had a very pleasant experience with SRS, I shorted it from 60s, and hold the position for over 7 months and covered in 20s.

    good thing with these ETFs, is that mathematically they will all converge to ZERO, thus short is the best way to go.

    of course, it should be built on top of the money management strategy,

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