We are in a serious recession because...

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We are in a serious recession because:

  1. Capitalism went unregulated

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  2. Liberals

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  3. Liberals

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  4. Liberals

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  5. Liberals

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  6. Liberals

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  7. Liberals

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  8. Liberals

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  9. Liberals

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  10. Commies

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  1. ...
  2. haha
  3. You want to smooth out the entire nature and structure of economics so that boom and bust cycles never occur again? Recessions are <b>supposed</b> to happen, unless of course you'd prefer communism.
  4. I agree. It's like properly managing forest fires. If you put out every small forest fire, you're eventually going to have an unstoppable blaze on your hands because of all the accumulated deadwood. I'm thoroughly annoyed that the Fed "stepped in" over the years at every dip in the markets and whenever someone cried "Boo!" But I think the recession we're talking about here is not of the vanilla variety.

    If the Fed didn't put out every little fire that preceded this one, and people got to experience the normal discomfort of their first- and second-degree burns, perhaps there would have been a greater urgency and call to impose more responsible financial regulation sooner and as a matter of course. As it is, the Fed's constant and usually unnecessary meddling had an unhealthy anesthetic effect on the damage being done. Just my opinion.
  5. Because Americans are basically crooks.
  6. Russia has us beat in the crook dept., but US is catching up at mach speed.
  7. Are you kidding, I'll put our oligarchs up against their oligarchs anyday.
  8. So corruption is also supposed to happen, and these boom and bust cycles that are the consequence of unregulated greed and corruption, which generally hurt the poor to middle class the most, should just go on without treatment, regulation, or preventative measures?

    I suppose you also think people should not use medication in any fashion to smooth out the pain...

    Pure unadulterated unregulated capitalism results in extreme and unnecessary economic displacements...

    So if you are saying that we should not do anything to treat and try to prevent medical problems, we should not assure that medication is regulated to prevent abuse and death as a consequence of allowing untested, uncontrolled, and dangerous medications on the market because drug makers can get rich...because physical and mental illnesses are "natural" then you would be consistent with your lack of regulation concepts...

    However, I doubt seriously using yourself as an example with your drug addiction, that intervention, education and preventive care would not have been a much better approach...

  9. Ok, now you're just trolling again. :D
  10. Ok, now you are just dodging the issues...again.


    A fully free market system is a pipe dream, at least in America because those with the most capital buy the politicians to skew the system in their favor and against those who don't have the power...

    To deny the reality of the way things really work, is the fare of drug addicts and dreamers...

    It is no more necessary to have this type of recession than it is for a man to have a heart attack when technology and preventative measures are available to have a bypass...

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