We are growing population, not jobs

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    sorry to break the truth, but there is not enough space for everyone.

    crazy religious fundamentalists support further human multiplication & immigration from the most human harvesting fertile area - india - so misery in the future will be magnified.

    There is not enough space and resources and waste management and clean water....
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    In 1798, Thomas Malthus predicted that the world would run out of food in 1890, and recommended drastic population reductions (killing poor people).

    Ever since that time, there have been morons like yourself claiming the same thing.
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    you one of these or paid by them : crazy r. fundametalist. see india and rivers full of dead bodies. that what is coming to your place.

    actually see cancer ratio in us or eu. you already there my friend.
  5. [​IMG]

    The message of this chart is clear - more immigration.
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    Yes, I'm paid by them..... lol
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    anyway, just ranting. will not change anything. and you probably just another redneck.

    probability of large war is getting higher and higher regardless of you and me.
  8. Yes, let's allow more immigrants to come and live off our overly generous entitlement programs. It's not like we're trillions of dollars in debt.

    It's those evil middle class workers who will bear the brunt of it and they are overwhelmingly white republicans so screw 'em.

    Obama 2016 and 2020!!!!
  9. Raygun fucked us over. Almost all shit today can be attributed to ronnie raygun. Bailing out fraud bankers, training terrorists, allowing rampant immigration, started the concept deficits don't matter, yeah right. Started all the globalization bullshit exporting jobs and importing cheap labor. Started limiting birth control. Took the bullshit purveyed by the be fruitful and multipy aholes and limited federal funding of birth control. Now we have a out of control sewer rat population with no jobs and a out of control deficit. Second rate actor and a third rate legacy of fuck ups.
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    So you fall asleep on your watch when all this happened?
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