We are Fuc***

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    This is the beginning of the end, any way you choose to dice the numbers we are Fu** as a nation. There can not be anymore sugar coating, the republicans sold out to their special interests long ago, just as the democrats sold out to their special interests long ago. Both sides of government are degenerate lowlifes.....

    All of this is happening before our eyes as we choose to ignore the fact that politicians, as a whole, are low life scumbags, and it really doesnt matter which side they come from, instead we argue which side is better..... this is the equivlent to choosing between two rapists and asking which one does a better job.... These elections will do nothing to fix this.....as we will end in gridlock either way....

    Does a realistic solution even exist?

    Conservatism and liberalism are dead.

    Would someone tell me which area we will cut funds from to balance the budget?
  2. "The first stage of fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power”

    -Benito Mussolini (1883-1945), Fascist Dictator of Italy

    "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."

    -- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (he misunderestimated the stupidity of the taxpayer)


    Give it time kids, the silly american experiment will reach it's conclusion.
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    So your solution is socialism?
  4. I don't care for a solution, I'd rather just watch it burn.

    I saw this on Keiser's site

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    The craziness is bubbling to the surface in America. This decade is going to get real interesting if the craziness is not contained.
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    What we have now is politicians looting the american coffers, more then ever, and they dont even give a shit anymore, they are doing it now at a more alarming rate then ever, mark my words this will end in the destruction of the USD, and possibly the destruction of the u.s.

    I used to be naieve enough to believe the republicans might be better, but the bottom line is we either pay for wars, or welfare, either side is going to burn the dollars and neither side gives a rats ass about balancing the budget anymore, as long as their special interests are paid off.

    Government needs a fucking wakeup call.
  6. Every dollar spent and borrowed is an attempt by either side to buy votes.

    And most of the people have their hands held out wanting more.

    Socialism is unsustainable.
  7. We are fucked because closed-minded knucklehead liberals like you refuse to learn. Republican Bob Dole long ago suggested to freeze spending. [​IMG]
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    Violence and bloodshed.
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    Yeah no kidding. Its hard to avoid that conclusion.
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