We Are All Palestinians Now

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  1. Living under a brutal Zionist regime, starved, oppressed, and herded into camps while our Zionist overlords and bankers live like kings. Brainwashed by their media.

    Here's a hint: we will never be told where Madoff's money went to...becuause it was sent to Israel to fund war WW3 the holy war.

    Life in In USA:



    Life in GAZA:


    Siege breeds malnutrition
    Eva Bartlett, In Gaza

  2. Does anyone look malnourished in this picture? :confused: LOL, the fat dude has four kids - few people in the Western world can afford that.
  3. Oh my god you located two pictures on the internet. Well done.

    I guess that proves that Israel values every single life on earth especially their arab neighbors, and that Israel is not a racist, violent state who kills, starves, and tortures.

    I've got it now: every Israeli kid is raised to believe that he is equal to others and to act with respect to their brownskinned neighbors especially when they turn age 16 and are drafted and given a gun. A true moral bunch of people!

    Case closed, lock the thread now.
  4. Eight


    Obama gave those poor starving Palestinian idiots $900,000,000 only a couple months ago...

    I guess these idiots and the posters here are never going to get a life...

    GET A LIFE !!
  5. The Grapes of Wrath. 2009.
  6. You posted those pictures -- not A_person. Do a better job with your propaganda next time!
    I have news for you TorontoTrader many Israeli kids are brownskinned too. They are ethnically Arab. Jews are made up of many ethnic groups -- one of which has many members is Arab.