we all should become teachers!

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    Buying the votes of the teachers unions. Hmmmm? Surely the dems wouldn't do that!:D

    (The scumbags!)
  2. Teaching is a poor career choice. 4 years of college to earn 35-38K a year.
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    Don't call it labor of love for nothing!
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    Not entirely true. In Iowa (a fairly cheap state to live in) for instance, the average teacher makes about $40k. Also, you have to consider that they only work about 3/4's of the year (summer break, spring break, etc), so that would be about $53 if they worked year round. Add in their benefits on the back end (retirement), and their job security and you have a fairly decent job.

    Not doctor money, but let's face it, it's 10x easier to teach than it is to go to med school and become a surgeon.
  5. In NJ and PA its a little better. My sister is in year 15 with a masters making 90K in PA plus her benefits cost tax payers 13k a year. She is also the president of her district's union but she only gets 5k for that. Needless to say we can't talk politics. I just fear how many kids have been brainwashed by her socialist rants.
  6. One quick question. If a state files for bankruptcy can the state restructure their pension liabilities and benefits for retirees? That would be so entertaining! I bet Chris Christie would have the balls to do it.
  7. 35-38K a year? Where are you living, Arkansas?

    I have a few friends who are teachers. They make 75-110k a year working September through May. They work in cushy school districts, no gangs, rarely any trouble. Throw in great healthcare benefits, holidays off, spring break, winter break, June-August off, and now that they're tenured it's almost impossible to get fired!

    75-100k working less than 200 days a year with full healthcare is hardly a "poor career choice".
  8. He's been awesome so far. Break those fucking unions Chris. Those parasites have been stealing from us long enough!
  9. My Mother taught 7th Grade. Reading Skills and English. She wouldn't have joined a union for any reason. (There's just almost no Teachers Unions in TX)
    Some won't believe she did this for 38 years. Her retirement is $42K a yr. (in TX)
    Single Mother. (Dad split when I was 12)
    Polio and Cancer survivor, and she suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis.
    She was a warrior, and her sworn enemies were poverty and ignorance.
    She is happily retired, and no longer is subjected to being called a bitch, whore, racist motherfucker, etc.
    (My Mother is a very sweet woman, and stands a whopping 5 foot tall.)
    To say I admire, respect, and love her would be an understatement.
    We all should become Teachers?
    Good luck.
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