We all know Putin rules russia for ex. But Does Obama rule USA or someone else.

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  1. Putin rules russia everyone knows, regardless of whether you like him or not.

    Does Obama really run the US. Or is he told what to do ?

    See that's my beef with Private central Banks type western countries.

    People who rule have no faces, no names. Shadow people, Shadow government.

    Obama just like Bush can do few things on domestic level. But the big things are not up to the US President.

    For example we all know who runs Israel

    But we don't know who really runs Unites States. :eek:
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    I always thought that belivers in conspiracy theories believe that the american jewish lobby ran the US government on behalf of Israel.
  3. Really ?

    you think that's a conspiracy theory as in not real ?

    Just like billions a year US sends to Israel. That's a conspiracy too ?

    What would you call Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq ?
    What would you call war on false pretenses ?
    What would you call False Flag events recorded in US history ?

    These are all unproven conspiracies ?

    I honestly don't think you even finished high school. Not that high school now a days imparts any real knowledge on students.
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    You dumbasses that is a blatant conspiracy, we don't know who's properly running the government right now, it certainly is a shadow government. However most evidence points towards the federal reserve and the shareholders because they somehow are retaining independence and controlling the national currency at the same time which gives them plenty of power over the state, many rulers over centuries have been struggling against banks because they have no idea how to deal with them when they control the money supply.

    That my friends is fact, the Federal Reserve is a conspiracy, but it definitely isn't a conspiracy theory and niether is the fact that banks for years have been attempting to control government and ruler for centuries. They originally started off as goldsmiths.

  5. You wizard of oz type nuts (secret control of fed) crack me up.
  6. Only the really stupid ones.

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    personal attacks show what u are made of. thanks for the revelation..

  8. I would say most of the larger countries and even Israel ... they are run by Oligarchy.
    Yes even Russia. The level of control that is exercised by Putin seems to be considerable however.

    I see it like a barrel of snakes vying for power, sharing allegiances and opposing one another on various levels.
    Perhaps the individual is the snake [like Putin]
    or an organization [like the Illuminati or the Box Gang or the Black Dragon Society.]

    One must then look at the core powers to determine their affiliation hence who they work for.

    In Obama's case it is clear that George Soros and Muslim moneys were behind him.
    However there is also a very strong CIA and KGB connection there.
    This then puts the Bush Legacy and Putin into the picture.

    Lets not forget the FED and its corporate owners and the power exerted from England.

    Oddly enough ... McCain was the Power Elite pick. [Illuminati]

    The election was bought and manipulated on significant levels ... especially the media.

    So ... who Owns and Runs Obama?
    I would say Obama the narcissist and the "Corporation of Washington DC" has first position
    then Soros/KGB, then CIA/Illuminati/Bush-Box Gang then the FED/England then Muslim Moneys then China and the Black Dragon Society.

    To best understand why, one would have to look at:
    --- This administrations current agendas
    --- George Soros historical influential patterns of socialism
    --- The Illuminati manifesto or perhaps the Turner Diaries or one of the few variations similar.
    --- FED power brokering and Bank Payoffs
    --- This administrations Kickbacks and Financial rewards or favoritism efforts.
    --- Who is buying US Debt and what Trade changes have occurred.

    Then you must look at:
    --- Rham Emmanuels book "The Plan"
    --- The Civil Defense army [all three layers of it]
    --- The apparent effort to destroy the US in its current form
    --- The efforts to re-make it into a socialist state
    --- How that is financially feasible

    I see it pretty clear ... it is evil ... but having created the problem with savvy Hegelian dialectic precision ...
    The solution will be greatly desired by the people and ... I suspect will work
    by employing the 18-25 year olds and creating a solid employment base that can
    buy cars and homes and will vote for the system versus the constitutionalist views.

    Very Machiavellian.

    So who is the Architect?
    The rabbit hole goes too deep.
    However it all is exactly in line with the power elite/Illuminati manifesto.