WD "Raptor" Serial HD

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by waggie945, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. Anyone try the new 10,000 RPM Serial (SATA) Hard Drive from Western Digital?

    It is 36.7 GB and can be had for as little as $141 w/o controller card and cable, on Dell's Accessory Site with today's 10% discount.

    The retail kit goes for $210 and includes mounting hardware, cable, controller card in case you are going to run more than one drive, and instructions.

    The reviews are pretty strong!

  2. Dell is offering 15% off of all accessories, via the OUTLET SITE, which is their way of trying to get people involved in their refurbished site.

    This promotion also includes FREE shipping, and is good till August 1st.

    Meanwhile, back at the "regular" site Dell is offering only a 10% off on accessories which expires tonight.

    As a result, the Western Digital "Raptor" Serial ATA Drive at 10,000rpm goes for $199.00 for the Retail version, complete with controller card, cable, mounting screws, and instructions.

    The "enterprise" model ( without controller card, cable, etc. ) goes for $133 with the 15% discount.

    All good till August 1st.