WD Gann Loves You-- L*rry Willi$ms??

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  1. this is highly unusual material



    <i>You obviously have a chip on your shoulder, perhaps you feel you need to prove yourself to others. I feel for you Larry, I truly do.

    As I am an honest and honourable man, I am prepared to help you remove this obviously weighty load you are carrying. I want to help you Larry – help you to remove the need within you to prove yourself. If you read “Magic Word” by W.D.Gann and practice what he is saying, you will see that he loves you and I am sure that you could learn to love as well. If you have any queries or require clarification on any point or theme within the book, I would only be too pleased to guide you through and be there to answer any of your questions.</i>

  2. "In May 2006, Williams was arrested in Australia pending extradition to the United States for tax evasion of a possible $1.5 million in unpaid taxes from book royalties and earnings related to international seminars he conducted between 1990 and 2001. He has firmly denied any involvement in tax avoidance schemes of any sort. In March 2007, Williams won an appeal in Federal Court in Sydney, blocking his extradition to the U.S. The court found that authorities did not have enough information to properly consider the case against Williams before authorizing the extradition request."

    "Larry Williams and Robert Cornuke once embarked on a journey to confirm the Bible as historically accurate and detailed their findings in the books The Mountain of Moses: The Discovery of Mount Sinai (1990), In Search of the Mountain of God: The Discovery of the Real Mt. Sinai and a DVD called Mountain of Fire[4] where they document what they claim to be the real Mount Sinai."

    Don't forget folks, he probably says he's a good Christian man, one who is a fraud, creeper, and extreme douchebag.

    It's been my personal experience that people that are overly religious are extremely weird and scary.
  3. Have you looked into Williams' side of the story? I haven't, but know people who have been wrongfully accused of the IRS (to the point of armed agents coming to their house) and ended up being exonerated.

  4. True, i perhaps jumped to conclusions solely based on my prejudice towards criminal Christians.
  5. This is old news, Larry is coming back and he is running to kick butts.


  6. I believe williams states he was provided inaccurate information from his tax people hence the situation.