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  1. Can someone please me what the current level 2 quote is for WCOM...i'm seeing a bid of 2.51 offered at 2.39.
  2. vinny,
    it could be you data vendor....
    look at the time and sales for the real trade.
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  4. Are MM's liable for their quotes in after hours,and for that matter,in pre market?

  5. No. There is no trading pre & post market through MM's. You can only trade through ECN's pre & post market. The MM's can post whatever they want.
  6. What data provider do you use if i may ask?
  7. Banjo


    No, mm's don't have to play pre mkt or after hrs.
  8. Thanks. Would you also happen to know if ARCA is proactive(trades with all the other ECN's) in pre and post market,just like normal market hours?
  9. Banjo


    ARCA end REDI both do
  10. Thanks.
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