WCG! Seriously

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  1. We know the story, the raid, etc...

    How much more bad news before this is a buy?

    It took a double dip beating today. Obviously too late to short.

    Keep an eye on this bitch.

    I would like to see a triple dip, actually another halt then open for a quick trade on massive covering.

    This can be a trade that will make or break you. I mean $125- $29 in two days. We know, the bottom is zero but there is always that huge bounce up. I'm keeping this on my radar next week when any sign of good news comes causing the squeeze and cover momo bounce.
  2. still shortable
    i was in and out a few times on the short side
    gotta keep the stops fairly wide ...it was moving faster than DECK today...40-60 cents in a few seconds...
    weeeee.fun. :)

    as far as a swing or investment..well, i'd stay away until all skeletons come out of the closet.
  3. Agree, its strictly a quick 15 min. -30 minute trade.

    Reminds me of Enron. Enron had that $20-$35 bounce. Then the halt a month later. Then an open at .40 to 2.00 and then pink sheets.

    Of course, never hold stocks like this overnight.

    I always look for trades like this. A few that come to mind this year are NEW, AHM, TARR, LUM, VG,. Just gotta be real fast and have that trade ticket set up both buy and sell before it actually opens from a halt.

    I wouldn't get too cute with WCG. Maybe it will get another halt and pull an Enron/Worldcom.
  4. Yeah, I agree.
    WIld stuff...and I only play it short...if she gets halted again I don't wanna be long.
  5. Even if it comes up that the raid found nothing and their future earnings and business are fine, and that someone made a mistake? = SQUEEZE...
  6. If you listen closely, off in the distance, you can hear taps being blown.

    This will be followed in the coming days by people blowing-up, blowing chunks, tapping-out and blowing town.

    The CEO's only comment to the media should be "blow me".

    By no strange coincidence, the first thing the CEO will hear after the grey bar door slams shut will be... (see above comment).
  7. one thing i've learned over the years is ANYTHING can happen...so , sure ..it can get squeezed...but i don't think they'd halt it and gap it up..it'll just squeeze REAL hard...
    but if it more bad news comes out it could easily halt..open at $10 or even worse.
  8. Don't say I didn't warn you :)

    Crush crush....all we need is a piker wanna-be hero like marketsurfer to call a long here ...then we know it's really going to single digits.
  9. LOL, Was just gonna bring this up.

    Yeah, just waterfall Enron style. More lawsuits, more blood. Send her down some more.

    Couldn't get shares to short yesterday.

    Just watching this fall. Waiting for something positive to come out but not anytime soon.
  10. The risk /reward ratio doesn't justify being either long or short on this
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