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Discussion in 'Trading' started by axehawk, Sep 19, 2008.

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    Can someone post the prints of WB for the first five minutes (or between the open of $23.94 and down to $21.00).

    I just got fast-market-fucked. I threw in a market order to sell when the bid was 23.00 and they held my order and got filled $21.24. Fucking pricks.
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    i short iwm @ 150 this morning. lotsaaa shares. will be busted probably
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    Uh, I think you had a bad quote.
  4. Something was up with WB this AM. Besides eTrade being slow as shit, when I finally got a stop loss order in ($2 off where I started trying) it pulled my bottom up then started the decent. My bottom was pulled up to $21.03 and it took 10+ minutes before the order showed executed and I'm still getting different prices executed. Alert showed it at $21.03xxx and now executed trades shows my bottom was 20.51 and it executed at 21.04. At least it executed where it said. But I sure would have been happier if my order would have gotten in when it was higher. Had I known, I would have just entered a market order earlier.

    I did good but I've lost a ton of confidence in eTrade today. 2 stocks I sold are still showing in my account too. They're just getting fucked today and in turn passing some of that getting fucked on to their customers.

    Funny thing, a FA I know commented yesterday that anyone with eTrade accounts need to move them NOW. He wouldn't elaborate on why. Not that a FA is who I'd listen too, but he may have heard or know something.

    Oh, and I'm still sitting on WM because eTrade "couldn't find it in my account". Unfuckingbeilavable. By the time I got an order to recognize it was in my account, I was out of the money. And that one is one I wanted out of bad. Maybe it's a sign things are going to turn around for them and I'll get rich, rich I tell ya! :D
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    This trade was executed in my ETrade account also. I'm on hold right now with the trading desk. Not sure if I'm going to get anywhere. They're giving the standard bullshit "we were backlogged/computers went down, etc" answer.
  6. In all the years I've had an eTrade account, I just earlier this year had to call for something for the first time since many years ago.

    I was impressed with the"call center" agents as they seemed to understand, the tiny bit they were trained for, but they were just that, customer service agents. To ask anything more than the basic fundamentals I had to be transferred to the "specialists" for that piece. Then, those specialists were just agents trained in that function and if you aren't careful, you'll get advice that although is meant well, is not correct and borders on dangerous.

    Cost savings is great, and I was in the call center biz for many years and understand the costs and difficulties, but an online broker like eTrade needs to have people you can talk to that know their shit and don't rely on a mandatory message to customers that they got in an email or desk drop or even on "the board".

    I'm wondering if they'll come out later, or if the media will hit them later and force them to address these issues. I'll bet it's not just eTrade though.
  7. BTW, 45 minutes to an hour later and my account is all cleaned up! :D

    I tried to resell the stocks that still showed in my account but no dice. :D

    Thought I'd try a Wallstreet move. :eek:
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    They are starting an investigation.
  9. axehawk


    WB trading at $18.25 now.
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    i know. today's open is one big mess.that's the only us goverment is good at.creating mess
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