Ways to the success in system trading in equities and futures

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stockblogger, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. Here is the beginning of the article:
    "In this post I am going to provide some tips and infromation about how to form yourself as a successful system trader. Why system? Trading systems are the best way to control yourself from different biases that lead to bad investment decisions. You force yourself (or just make a trading robot, who makes all trades for you) to follow the specific predefined instructions. However, it isn’t all easy..."

    Read the rest here: http://goldstockanalyst.net/finance...ss-in-system-trading-in-equities-and-futures/
  2. Immortal


    I dare anyone to trade a system with a prop firm

    or anywhere else open

    firms will take your system and maximize it over 4 continents, I shit you not
  3. So, what's the way your trade?
  4. Immortal


    (i give you a look with my beady little eyes and say)

    oohh.............wouldn't you like to know
  5. Well yes, we would.....then we can do the complete opposite :D
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    Hi, I just tried the ignore feature and as if by magic the troll was gone.

    How good is that!

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