Ways to pass time when you are not trading

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    So guys, as you know overtrading is one of a trader's worst enemy. Now you have to be on guard when a set up occurs according to plan.....but when there isn't one you have to sit on your hands.

    Now what do you people do to pass the time and avoid placing an unnecessary trade. Here is something i do, i look at either spankwire.com, youjizz.com, or xhamster.com
    and i masturbate. I avoid the unnecessary trade and maintain discipline.

    My favourite ones are the japanese ones. Look up hitomi tanaka and her gargantuan mammaries!

    ok lets share our methods to pass time!
  2. Oh Artie boy, your pipe your pipe is calling :D
  3. :D
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    oh, i also find with me i tend to close out a bit early.
    You know when you are in profit but would be in a lot more profit if you just hang on.........

    Again this comes in handy. When i feel this urge to close out the position, and yet there is no reason.....I again watch xhamster or spankwire, and go back to hitomi tanaka.

    After that my tension is released and i can think with a clear mind. I will say 'hang on, its going down even more'
  5. Nobody cares about your wanking habits Artie.
    Make sure you lock the basement door, so your sister does not walk in on you again.
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    what do you prefer - anal or double penetration? milfs or 18's?
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    milfs are hawt :p

    But keep it to yourself damnit! lol
  8. I play online Texas Hold'em, and make lots of fake money.
  9. I snack on cheetos
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    I just like Asians......
    no anal or milfs....gross!
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