Way to invest in commodities long term?

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  1. Aside from GLD and SLV are there any ETF which track the major commodities directly? I don't mean ETFs that consist of stock of companies that process a certain commodity.

    Futures don't allow you to hold on long term.

  2. That was my point. That's why I was asking about simple, direct exposure to commodities.
  3. You are a know-nothing ETer. Get your "knowledge" from Wikipedia, get your "news" from MTV.

    GSCI is a highly diversified world-wide production weighted index, rarely rebalanced.

    "Elements" are not based on GSCI.
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  5. That one's specific to ags.

    DBC might be more what he's looking for.
  6. Nope.

    I was looking for the equivalent of GLD for the other major commodities (Lumber, orange juice, etc...)
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    those who avoid some commodities because of contango need to grow some balls and bet the contango will continue. its not hard to do, if you are so sure it wont stop you can make free money
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