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    Interactive Brokers Group Donates $1 Million to The September 11th Fund

    September 14, 2001, Chicago-- Interactive Brokers Group is donating $1 million to The September 11th Fund, established by the United Way of America and The New York Community Trust. The contribution will be used to mobilize resources to respond to the urgent needs of victims and their families affected by this week's terrorist attacks.

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    that's great !
    The CME is also doing the same with $1 million, and many other financial institutions.

    that's the way to do it, since we cant help on the ground
  3. IB - very commendable. That says a lot about your company.
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    IB's not the only firm offering support. Other investment banks and data vendors (bloomberg in particular) are offering office space and equipment in addition to money. Hopefully, if every one lends some assistance it will ease the emotional and financial suffering for those directly involved.