Way to go car unions - GM cuts 21,000 jobs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by uptick1, Apr 27, 2009.

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    GM to cut 21,000 jobs. Read Article

    Way to be stubborn, unions, and believing that employees excessive compensations come first before the health of the company.

    I'm convinced it was the unions that ultimately led to the demise to GM and Chrysler.

    The reason being is not allowing the company to be flexible and nimble and instead, having to get an ok permission with the unions on every issue. People with no college education who are making $38 an hour and bitching about not making more ought to have their head examined.

    All unions suck, period the end.
  2. I agree, not a fan of unions in today's environment. They worked hundreds of years ago when you could go to work and easily die.

    Now, they just drain the system and crush American icons.
  3. If anyone thinks unions are the right way to go, then a quick study of France is in order.
  4. They are a legalized restraint of trade. Like cartels of producers, they result in suboptimal economic outcomes.

    I can't believe anyone is surprised however that Obama is tilting the auto bailout to favor unions, not after all the money and manpower they provided democrats. Basically, taxpayers are now subsidizing auto workers making $75 an hour with gold plated retirement and health care plans. Afer all, it would be a hardship for them to have to compete in the real world.

    This is what happens when you have pols, of both parties, running things who have never had to make a payroll or run a business.
  5. fuck GM
  6. Union wages are a moot point. If GM employies worked for free GM would still have to cut 21,000 jobs.
  7. and now we learn that the so called gov't approved reorg of chrysler may result in majority union ownership.

    what a car company that will be!

    get ready for the worst cars produced since the edsel
  8. Exactly right. For the Dems EFCA is all about more union control and more union donations. I figure their prime target is Walmart.