Way of the Turtle?

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  1. Has anyone read Way of the Turtle yet? I noticed that there is an entry on the book section here but so far no reviews :(

    Mine is coming but won't be here until next week. On another board some have said they picked one up at a B&N store.
  2. Still waiting for mine via Amazon
  3. BN said they will get them in soon. Ordered mine there.
  4. Just got it, have only begun reading. Seems like an excellent book so far. Here is a little piece, sorry for the lousy quality, I used super compression. To divide minor sections from one another, they used a turtle silhouette :) as seen after the word "relevant".

  5. Fear him, I say!

  6. ============

    Allright, but thats a snapping turtle, nickname snapper:p

    Got my copy of Way of the Turtle,[friday,3-23-AMZN preorder ];and i look for patterns most anywhere.
    The cover turtle is a BOX turtle, a well mannered turtle,
    actually one of the slower turtles:cool:

    There is another species of turtle, on inside front, inside back;
    smaller turtles like we had for pets, as kids. They are next to 2 specific stock symbols.
  7. Actually, it's a terrapin, as in the Maryland Terrapins :cool: