"Way of the Turtle" (by Curtis Faith) -- Book Giveaway !!

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Babak, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Babak


    Hi guys,

    a few weeks ago I wrote a review of Curtis Faith's newly published book: "Way of the Turtle" on the Turtle trading methodology. I was overwhelmed when he sent me a signed copy of the book! So now I have two copies, the original and one that I'll keep and pass down to my progeny ;-)

    Since I can't have the extra copy hanging around I've decided to give it away!

    So how can you enter the "Way of the Turtle" book giveaway?

    It's quite simple. Just leave a meaningful comment on my blog. But please make sure it isn't spammy like 'gimme the book' or 'nice blog - now gimme the book', etc. That sort of comment will not only not win the book, it will be dealt with as spam (erased).

    I would like this book to find a home with someone who truly is interested in trading. So in your comment, show me that you're into the craft. And, yes, you can enter more than once. So each time you write a comment you up your chances of winning (of course, as long as the comment isn't spam).

    At the end of the month I'll randomly pick one lucky person's name/email from the commenters list and ship them the book.

    If you're not familiar with the Turtles you can find out more about them here (and even get the orginal Turtle Trading rules - for free).
  2. Joab


    How about this comment?

  3. Babak


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  4. nkhoi


    It is a good book, it made #1 bestseller but it is more of system trading. However you can def learn some real live lesson out of it. Some interesting facts about turtle too.
  5. Babak


    as I mention in my review, I was also hesitant to get the book because I assumed it would only be useful for systematic traders. But there is much in the book for discretionary traders as well.

    Actually Curtis talks about the dichotomy between the two in a recent blog post.