Waxie's crappy infomercial

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  1. Early this morning at around 3:30AM EST I saw the worst infomercial I've seen in some time, for "Trend Trader" by our beloved Waxie.

    I'd never seen him before (or heard anything before I read about him on ET) but let's just say I was rolling on the floor, as I was pretty drunk.

    Anyone else see this??
  2. type cartoon baloons with the "Chachingo!" a la when Batfag and Robin would punch out the bad guys wiht the "whammo" and "biff" callout baloons. Unbelievable.
  3. Waxie is one ugly bastard.
  4. This loser on the infomercial must be another guy because the Waxie I'm aware of FRIGGIN' RULES THE MARKET!!!!!
  5. Who is that "Tiny" guy on the infomercial?

    He's supposed to be some guru technical analyst. Looks like a hog to me.

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    Ever seen these jokers at a trade show? At the New York one in February, all they had for a display was a table and a giant screen tv playing that thing in a continuous loop. Talk about embarassing.
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    You have to be from New York City to think Waxie and Tiny are normal.....though I must say, he wrote a hell of a good book. I use his ideas everyday. And his website has some interesting items on it too.
    His service is a little rich for my blood. Anyway, I have my own system.
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    His eyes were glassy, he was talking, make that shouting.... like a mad man - I would swear he was on speed/coke/some drug when he did that infomercial.

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    What about the one faithful user who claims, "Waxie in the next Warren Buffet." That's just lame and sad.
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