Waxie's BAAAAAACK!!!!! Beast from the East Returns!!!

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    Thanks Surf....Kah-Chingo!
    I would rather hear about Waxie than the taxi driver from Suffolk County and his 5 YM points. Waxie has some stuff that actually works. "See you on the other side!"

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    he has had quite the life, thats for sure, plus has great ideas for traders.

  3. Surf - Since he's BAAAAACK....exactly WHERE WAS HE ?
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  5. Isn't this guy like the poster child for the ultimate snakeoil salesman of trading?
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    I'm sure that a lot of people have lost money following his calls, but I think that you would find that to be the case even if someone like Steve Cohen was to provide a service such as Waxie's. The simple fact of the matter is that most people don't have a clue as to what the hell they are doing, and a good number of them are lazy and want someone else to do all the work for them. When things don't work out they scream and yell and blame everyone but themselves. This is of course not true of everyone, most people need to start and learn someplace so the internet provides a good outlet for that, but I think that alot of the people attracted to a service that is marketed the way trendfund is sold would be those types of people..and that doesnt reflect anything on the quality of the trades they give.
  7. Waxie's cool.
  8. About as cool as school in the summertime. :p
  9. <i>"Isn't this guy like the poster child for the ultimate snakeoil salesman of trading?"</i>

    I've been told from people who would know that Waxie made more money trading equity options before he started Trendfund than 98% of the existing (waning) ET readership here ever will, collectively.

    The fact that he decided to work with public has nothing to do with his success trading stock options for years... from the long side, not short or spread premium. Impressive achievements, which anyone who ever traded options / stocks or anything can appreciate.
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