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Discussion in 'Trading' started by AHMMB, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. AHMMB


    WHY in the world does CNBC bother to air these IDIOTS
    on TV when they know 100% that all they will do is
    take the 5th Amendment?

    Freakin' scumbags. They lie, they cheat and what do
    idiot investors do?

    They BUY STOCK!

    You want to know the TRUTH?

    The TRUTH is that EVERYONE should boycott the US markets.
    They should SELL EVERYTHING they have.

    Drive EVERY stock to $1 or less and then start over.

    That's what they should do. Instead, what they will do
    is listen to BUSH, the KING idiot.

    They will listen to Greenie, the Queen idiot.

    They will listen to all the cretin congressmen who say you
    should invest in corporations and that it'll all be ok in
    the end.

    Of course they will and of course they will LOSE EVERYTHING
    in the end.

    That's the TRUTH. They will get a rally going this week
    and they will say this is the BOTTOM!!!

    And, at year end they will all be BROKE cause the bottom
    is under $1 and they just don't get it.

    We, fortunately, do.

    The powers that be have cheated the average American for years.
    If anyone thinks that this BS proceeding will help matters
    they are stupider than even I think.

    What will change it?

    DRIVE THESE STOCKS TO $1 all around, stop buying and just
    bail out.

    That'll be the end of the dishonesty for a while, hehe.

  2. Bring back the fake Waxie with his parody chat logs. Very funny. He was hilarious and much more funny than the real one.