Waxie is back!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bigfish, Aug 4, 2004.

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    Has anyone seen the new Waxie infomercial? He is flying around the country in his private jet visiting successful people who have used his program. These people are rolling in the dough making big Kachingos. Then a thought occurred to me. That old lady who is half deaf and half blind who trades a few hours a day and makes 5k a day sometimes. I thought wow, she makes more money then 99% of the people on ET! LOL.

    That infomercial is pretty funny. It looks like Michael is starting to put on some weight. They shot part of the infomercial at his huge estate out in Connecticut. I might have to drive out there and pay him a visit. I'm sure I could get the address. Kachingo baby!
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    It also means that she may lose $5,000 a day occasionally. I think most of the people on ET lose less than this amount of money on a single day too.:p
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    True, but most people on ET are also papertraders. Hats off to her for actually stepping up to the plate and taking some swings. Seriously though, check out the infomercial. It's hilarious. This is the third one he has done now and he says he is going to make a movie on his life. That should be a barn burner.
  4. i bet the estate is borrowed ....

    let me know what you find out.

    surfer :D
  5. Anyone ever read his book? I'm curious about it.
  6. It's my understanding that this Waxie RULES THE FRIGGIN' MARKET!!!!!!!!!

    So would someone please tell him to turn it around?

  7. i met the guy in 2002 at the NYC traders expo. man, he looked hypnotised to me--- he is one unique dude !

    surfer :)

  8. That's what sleeping in Central Park as a homeless wyno will do to you.

    Maybe his 'ranch' in CT was actually filmed in Central Park.
  9. Yes. It was only $17.00 through Amazon.com.
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    Like I said in another thread about Waxie... I use to handle his brokerage account years ago and he would do a lot of commissions for the firm. But I must tell you that it wasn't worth the trouble he causes. The guy is a really weird bird.

    I also have a funny story to share about him. He use to call all the time and bitch about his data being slow and not getting fast executions. We would always ask what type of connection he was using (i.e. 56k dial up, cable modem, dsl, t1) and he would always say T1. Well, after a lot complaing they flew me and a co-worker out to his place in NY to check out his setup. We found that his connection was a 56k modem and he didn't know what a T1 was. We ended up buying a new modem and installed it and signed him for Roadrunner. But if you think his complaints stopped, then you don't know him.
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