Waxie is back again!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Sep 11, 2003.

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    What is it with all these trading infomercials again? Is it because the Dow is back to 9500? I am seeing all sorts of different infomercials every night now on TV. My favorite is the new Waxie one. I love how he talks about these secret techniques that Wall street has tried to hide all these years regarding following a trend. Are you kidding me? I was on the floor laughing after I heard that one. LOL. He even talked about his movie career again. It turns out Waxie just finished writing, directing, producing and starring in his first movie and has a 2nd one on the way. He even has some pretty decent stars in his first movie. It's called Max and Grace. But these infomercials are driving me crazy. It's like 1999 all over again. Are people really attending these events?
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  3. i think the gal cohost is beautiful so i just mute the tv sound and watch her
  4. The co host on Waxies new infomercial is Lisa Guerrero form Monday Night football!
  5. Oh well, the Germans also loved David Hasselhoff - so their taste is immediately in question.

    Maybe the French will give waxie the Jerry Lewis medal for his funny commercial parodies. Oh wait, those are supposed to be real commercials!!!

    So maybe they'll give him the Foreign Legion medal for the person most hoped by everyone else to be sent to the Algerian desert.

    Gee, won't all the Wall Street insiders be pissed that he's letting out all their secrets like trading with the trend?? He better be careful, they might put out a contract on him for publishing their most closely held secrets :)
  6. How do you know trend-trading is not Wall Streets' well kept secret?


    Yeah... I always hoped I was born German... They have great BEER!
  7. You know I love Waxie, king of market smack talk, but I was wondering, how do you get a name like "waxie", and why would you use it in public?

  8. LOL, AAA ! waxie started out as a baseball card trader-hence the name "waxie".