Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by TG, Sep 22, 2002.

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    Looking for a clear cut explanation of this indicator which was mentioned to me Fri, weighted average volume price. Haven't found much mention of it.
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    Just in case you really are looking for VWAP:
    The VWAP for a stock is calculated by adding the dollars traded for every transaction in that stock ("price" x "number of shares traded") and dividing the total shares traded.

    But I don't think you are looking for VWAP as it is not really an indicator.
  3. It is used with commercial broker firms like (Robbie Stevens, BoA securities etc). The fund company (client) will only pay commission on the vwap price so if the broker can beat the vwap price they keep the difference of they can't they must 'eat' the difference.
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    Has anyone ever used IB's VWAP execution system? Might be interesting to use in case I ever want to get the average price of the day.
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    I can't give names but some heavy hitters use it.