Waves of selling...TSUNAMIS of buying..

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  1. It's amazing...
  2. inflate or die. its the only way.
  3. Seriously. Best inflation advantage is blue chips. I bought a boatload of August CAT calls today...all a gamble, but I'd bet everything looks beautiful for them with the weakening dollar and overseas demand looking good.
  4. Intraday the all the volume is coming during declines, volume fades during advances.
  5. not to mention carry trade currencies starting to back off a bit here...
    I guess no risk rules
  6. Its going up and I'm long, the breadth is very poor. But who cares we got the futures to jam up overnight and gap open the cash market everyday.
  7. Not even 2-1 today, market gapped open and drifted all day, with declines closing the gap all day long.

    Bulls sure look weak, thats just my honest opinion.
  8. But wait we still have 5 minutes left, maybe we can get a 2-1 ratio, maybe.


    When USA or North American Union takes over Iran there will be no stopping the stock market, it will go through the roof and beyond. That's why we (the Brits) are so afraid to harm relations with the US, we know what's coming. All that is required now is a good provocation.
  10. That will never work, we don't need to stir up that red ant bed any more.

    Lets focus on renewable energy, and conservation, freak the middle east, I got two young boys, I don't want the dying for oil.
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