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  1. wavel


    Hello everybody,

    Over the next few weeks/months I will be presenting a complete tutorial pertaining to what in my opinion is required to trade the stock market and infact any other financial derivative, successfully. (with a profit)

    The following topics will be covered in no specific order to the fullest of my personal awareness.

    1) Price action

    2) Pattern analysis

    3) Price and Time

    4) Astrological Harmonics (Yes that involves astrology)

    5) Money Management

    It is very likely that this thread will either be closed or deleted. When that event occurs, you will understand that elitetrader has chosen to prevent the routing of any further education from myself to yourself, and therefore you can conclude that I understand how to trade the markets and that there is infact a solution which is known and available to all. I'm also open to answering any other questions, at my discretion, (some questions are virtually impossible to answer) so if you wish to ask a question, I will try to answer, wavel.

    Yes, pictures will be included.

    Oh, and to anybody who doesn't like the idea underpinning this thread....
  2. 1) How long have you been trading?

    2a) How much did you start with?
    2b) How much have you made (pre-tax) in your trading career?
  3. wavel


    6 years,

    A small amount,

    Thats none of your business, thankyou for your interest. (Yes I have made a profit)
  4. You're the one who started the thread and opened themselves up for questions.

    The fact that you won't even answer a simple question makes it fairly suspicious that you haven't made any real money and this is just another "hey, look at me!" thread.
  5. wavel


    You sound very defensive......

    What question do you wish that I answer?

    I will answer ALL QUESTIONS.

    Does that answer your question?

    Price and Time, Astrological Harmonics, Lunar Harmonics, thats what I'm here for, Namaste.
  6. I look forward to the information that is presented. Thank you for your time.
  7. One question only-


    Thanks in advance.
  8. wavel


    Watch and see.
  9. pspr


    Just to give us an estimate to believe in,

    Has you investment been around $500, $5k, $10k or more? and

    In your six years of trading have you doubled, 3x, 5x, 10x or more your original investment.

    This isn't prying, it's just trying to determine the success of YOUR trading if we are to learn from you.

  10. sumfuka


    How important is Astrological Harmonics on a scale of 1-5? 1 being weak, and 5 being very important.
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