Wave59 RT Any Users

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by infolode, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Anyone familiar with this software package and its unique indicators?
  2. I had heard of it from a local TS users group. Apparently its doing well with forex right now
  3. I demoed it not long ago. There are some really nice features! But the UI was way too clunky... IMO it's useless for scalping or intra-day swinging.

    Good luck
  4. for the more esoteric features many people prefer ensign as its more popular for "alternative" chart watchers. Still, the neonatal stuff is really heady and its hard to find those astrological type charting features anywhere.
  5. Appreciate the replys.

    Wave59 appears to be very well suited for Forex, alias, I am not.

    I do see alot of merit for this program with long term forcasting with futures and various precious metals and especially trends.

    Human behavior insight....no holy grail but perhaps a glimpse.
  6. opm8


    Yet another magic indicator. It wasn't worth what I paid for it during the free trial. Oh, and it has all the modern look and feel of Windows 3.1.