Wave Count - 2010-08

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  1. Yes, I like that color! My first machine was "8086", which was even earlier than 80286.
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    I'm making a video on 'traders who don't know shiat!!"
    Can I post your charts to show viewers of an example of a 'mr-know it all- who really knows shiat!!'?

    Even if you say no, I'm still posting it in my video.
    Just being polite !
  3. Well ... I have no comment about that. YMYD!
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    Looks like the markets are either going up or down, until the alternative count proves otherwise.
  5. Yes, at any moment there will always be someone buying and someone selling. I don't know if I have taken all most possible wave counts into consideration. I wish I could, but I know that nobody can capture everything. If I miss out something, I really wants to get some feedbacks from people here. Note that I don't care to share my opinions because the market is really where we make money from.
  6. Let's take the gold as an example.
    It looks like the market decides to take the alternative wave count. No matter it is in the process of wave-b or wave-7, the primary direction of GC is south.

    What does that mean to our trading? It means that we won't want to establish any long term long position because we anticipate gold is going south. Whether the count is the preferred one or the alternative one, it really does not matter.

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