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    we trade the same stocks.
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  3. amazing post. how do you find these so early?
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    I sleep with your secretary.
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    I have some reservations regarding the technology.

    #1 is limited distance. Looks like it's about a 3 foot range
    #2 Each device has to have a receiver. Have no idea how big these are, but it would have to be incorporated into the device itself, IMO, to have wide appeal.
    #3 Technology does not look that complicated...no big barriers to entry?

    This Co. does not have any products in production.
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    $22 now.
    Good time to get out.
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  7. Meh, wireless charging. When the heck is wireless electricity going to become the norm.
  8. shawts destroyed
    we winnn!
  9. those calls we bought , sweet 500% intraday winna

    thanks for the idea to buy calls
  10. if not for et, i would never have noticed a stock up 65% overnight. my scans only go off at 200%
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