WATT 30 straddle, 31 to 22 and a loser one day later

Discussion in 'Options' started by SoesWasBetter, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. You say its easy?
  2. zdreg


    what trading lessons did you learn ?
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  3. finally made money with an epic selloff. I didnt have the position, was just commenting

    what lesson did you learn?

    PS I told you live KOSS was a shit trade at 3.40.

    Its 2.60 now after hours.

    What lesson was that?

    edit: 2.36 now
  4. I think the lesson is, you should be trolling my posts and getting down
  6. zdreg


    koss was unavailable to short.
  7. You just figured that out?
  8. hmmm. even assuming that you couldn't easily short, we had a valued member of ET (they are all valued members , right?) that claims to have gone long at the top. Thus, therefore, and thereby, I would have saved them considerable coin.

    What have you done for the community?
  9. zdreg


    unavailable to short means impossible to short,
  10. zdreg


    are you looking for an argument ?
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