Water traders in NYC.

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    I am a PART TIME day trader looking for serious people, in NYC, that are in a similar situation as myself for a mutual help and exchange.

    I am NOT a profitable trader (yet), I've been involved in the markets for more than 3 years, I lost plenty of money. I went from long term to swing (Stocks), to daytrading (stocks, then futures), to scalp now back to daytrading futures (I try to hold my positions for at least 5 mins, but flat at the end of the day). The period I did not lose money was with DayTrading, that's why I'm focussing on that right now.
    I like to trade futures, because I think it is easier to focus on a single instrument rather than looking at 500 stocks.

    I you want to exchange your experience and ideas, have a more objective view about your trading style, Please PM me.


    PS: English is not my first language.
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    No I am not interested in others money, neither am I interested in others to touch my money. Just work together, and figure out where the glitch is. I am not profitable, but I've read more books and other stuff than the majority of ETers. I know all the "what to do and what not to do", but something is wrong. I don't expect to find that on message boards oven though very interesting threads exist (the thread about scalping the DAX). I see a lot of bullshiters on ET that pretend to be profitable and reading their messages you can tell that at least 60% of those are in the red (lesson givers).
    I believe that talking to serious people in the same situation may be very rewarding.

    thanx for the link, I have a good full time job that I don't want to leave before being really profitable.

    (BTW, the book "logical trader" is probably the best book empty of BS I have ever read about trading). I have a strategy based on it that worked for 5 years of data, unfortunately it requires a risk that I cannot afford.