Water filter system

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  1. I am looking for a water filter system that can be installed under the sink. I'm sick of hauling those heavy water bottles around.

    What do you guys recommend? Any links?

    My budget is $100.00
  2. Just buy the smaller bottles of distilled water for a nominal cost. filtered water does not remove all of the pollutants.
  3. Ok.....thanks

    I was afraid of that. I guess a good filter/purefication system will be in the thousands.

  4. For real purity, you'd need a reverse osmosis machine....

    kinda pricey..
  5. When I live on the outer banks we had a dangerous concentration of arsenic in our water. I bought a still off of the internet for 200 dollars that distills a gallon at a time. It could process about 6 to 7 gallons per day. Don't have the site anymore but I'm sure you could find it. All of our water was processed through the country reverse osmosis plant and it wouldn't remove it. Good luck.
  6. If you have been purchasing bottled water, than $250 isn't 'pricey' in my book. I have been using a Premier system for +13 years. I have changed the RO membrane cartridge once -($65) on pure principal - not because the water started becoming funky.

    I change the charcoal and floss filters every one to 1.5 years.

    Go to Lowes or Home Depot type stores and get their similar system (so the replacement filters are easy to come by) you'll be happy with the results. My wife has a nose that can smell the smoker two car lengths ahead of us on the interstate doing 70mph! If it is purified good enough for her- It simply can't get any betta' than that!


    Oh, and your ice ( if made in trays) will look like diamonds- for a while.

  7. Damn, those RO's are a lot cheaper than I thought.

    I may have to look into this..