Water Cooling on the cheap

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bighog, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Bought a water cooling setup for next pc build, since this is first water cooling setup i bought top flight stuff ($475.00). Was thinking of ways to do the same but cheaper. Like maybe just not buy any fans for the radiator and just dip the radiator in a bucket of iced water. How about instead of a English radiator with 3 fans maybe a 1973 Cadillac radiator from a 454 cubic inch V8 monster. Surely some of the good ole boys down dar below the mason dixon line know ways to do other ways to cool a silly computer. HA

    All in fun, but the main objective is not just to overclock to 4G but the main purpose to to have a QUIET computer, no case fans, no chipset fans, no vid card fans, no psu fans etc. Quiet is in. :D
  2. Please be careful when thinking of doing anything with ice water or refrigerated liquids etc. You may inadvertently provide too cool of medium to the processor etc. and drop below dew-point causing the inside of your computer to "sweat" much like an ice cold glass of beer does on a hot day. come to think of it.. I'd better go and check that out.
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    what's your experience on water-cooling? I'm seriously considering it for my dual cpu setup, but I was told that maintenance is somewhat difficult...any opinion?