Water can be turned into Gas? Ridiculous or maybe true?

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Can water be used for fuel

  1. Yes...

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  2. No... this is bs

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  3. Not sure... never heard of this technology

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  1. I was browsing the web tonight and I came across a seemingly absurd product: HYDROGEN FUEL (essentially, water can be used in addition with petroluem to fuel a car, increase gas mileage and also enhance performance).

    Now this may seem totally insane, but after doing more research I discovered that it does indeed work. Although there's not a lot of information about hydrogen gas, this "technology" appears to be in a premature stage. It could surely become rather significant.

    One of the main sites that this water for fuel concept is advertised/sold on is:


    It is a very sketchy website and initially seemed like a scam. I googled whether it was and I found another site which evalautes Water4gas:


    The site stated that while the Water4gas site is misleading (because it sells two e-books rather than provide a actual product to put in one's car), it claims that water can be used for gas! I highly recommend watching the two short videos on the second site (auto-facts). If this sounds crazy, do your own research. I will promise you that you will find other sites that confirm the capability of hydrogen gas.

    I hope some of you find this interesting. If anyone finds any information on this subject, especially exposing whether it may be a scam (i.e. does not work well in long-term/effect on car engines, etc.), please post the source on this thread. Considering the rise in commodities, particurarly crude oil, this could be one method to decrease our dependency on oil.