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  1. rts232


    Hello all!

    I've got three questions about the watchlist window in TWS, some of you might answer easily - I myself have problems finding immediate answers. Please bare with me, I'm really new to TWS.

    1. Is there a way to give instruments custom names? I.e. can I somehow edit what's displayed under the "financial instrument" or "company name" rows?

    2. Is there some kind of excel functionality integrated in the watchlist window (similar to the Bloomberg terminal) so I could make my own custom calculations?

    3. Having created a custom watchlist, I cannot seem to manage to copy and paste this watchlist under another name, thereby keeping my custom setup of rows/columns as a model for a second watchlist. Any way to do this?

    Any help would be very welcome.
  2. tommcginnis


    1) No. :( But! :wtf: There is a "Notes" column, which you can fill with ascii characters.

    2) No. :( But! :wtf: By hitting the first tab (upper left) and hitting the "more" arrow at the bottom, you will expose export/import abilities. Ignore the Export To Excel tab :vomit: and use the Export To .csv tab, and then import that data into a blank spreadsheet page. (Do all calculations on another spreadsheet page.) FWIW, I fill a 6-expiry, 70-strike, 25+ column spreadsheet in about 1 minute, start-to-finish. The spreadsheet runs nearly 3gb, of which 1/20th is the TWS data.

    3) Yes. :wtf: True. :D Save your watchlist's template/format, and repeat. Those same columns will repopulate. If you wish the same contracts appear, you can simply copy/paste, too.

    BUT, if you're asking these questions, it means you haven't watched the TWS intro webinars. THAT is what you need to do, first.
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  3. rts232


    Thx very much, but I really cannot find this. Under which category of addable rows is this listed? Even if searching for "notes" there are only two entries "notes payable/short term..." showing up.

    Very true! Flash plugin is required for these to be able to watch them. I'm living in 2020...
  4. guru


    Re: 3
    You can set default columns/layout for all new/future watchlists as shown below. Though there is also "Watchlist Layouts" configuration you could play with and maybe create an empty watchlist that you could copy multiple times later (I haven't tried this).