Watching too many symbols

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by pma, Feb 25, 2010.

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    I am missing out on moves from info overload. I realize its dumb to miss moves from too much crap going on,so time to change. I am going to try a week of only one contract and see what happens.
    Anyone else in the same boat :confused:
  2. It happens, hard for the mind to make decisions with conflicting information and data overload. I have found 2 contract max is good for discretionary trader. If you trade a system, you can follow a lot more markets. What are you trading?
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    "Trying" to trade CL,ES,TF, and ZS simultaneously-duh on me. Funny thing is that I can do alright trading one at a time. The feeling of missing out on some big move is ever present.
  4. Don't make generalizations. I usually watch around 15 tickers, can comfortably trade 10 simultaneously. Yes, discretionary and intraday.
  5. I'm sorry for making a generalization., I will not let it happen again, I should have said I have found that to be true for me. Each person is different and there are a millions ways to make a millions bucks.

  6. Good for you.

  7. dozu888


    watching 3-4 intraday should be fine and enough.

    for swing trades, I have 12 ETFs in a portfolio and that is all needed.
  8. I bet you can.

    I also bet you can lose your balls on 10 stocks simultaneously too, comfortably.
  9. LOL

    get a real life outside ET, meet some real traders.
  10. yeah, I have a friend who just trades one stock at a time. He played only GOOG for over two years until it went below 400. Currently he trades MA. He kind of turns into a surrogate specialist in the stock he's trading, has a very good sense whenever significant buying or selling occurs.
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