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  1. I traded 288,950 shares on 8/1/02 that is my record for one day with Citibank. I am not big fry either, I know a guy that does a 1 million to 1.5 million a day in volume!
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  2. nitro


    I assume this is some guy trading a boat load of LU or something similarly low priced?

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  3. Nope.

    He trades Citi, IBM, TXN, TYC, Big Cap NYSE that move etc.

    Just scalping like crazy. I hope you do not assume we are actually holding for more than 20-45 seconds at a time.

    In and out faster than you can say "Book me 15 cents on my shares."

    Any market, any time, as many times as possible.

    We are not taking positions, just scalping.
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  4. With a prop firm you do not really care what the price of the stock is because you have plenty of money to work with.

    Actually, the higher priced the stock the better it moves.
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    I really had no idea - just that 1M + shares a day seems so huge by comparison...

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    I don't care what the price of a stock is either...Hmmm, actually, come to think about it, how many MMM's can I do? Hmm, yeah, I guess I do care!

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  7. I hate that guy!!! I fired him a long time ago!
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  8. your mailbox is full - cannot PM you
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    Try again...

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  10. You just gotta love the talking clock from Or not.

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