Watched CNBC while Trading for the First Time

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. in a loooong time today. I couldn't resist... with all that was going on I knew today was going to be entertaining.

    I now see where stockturder gets his ideas!!! These guys have their heads so far up their asses is unreal that they broadcast.

    The commentators kept saying bear stearns has a market cap of 4 billion... same as Kodak... they weren't sure how this could be effecting the markets so much... I was laughing so damn hard... next month when BSC is bankrupt they'll be saying I don't know why the XLF is selling off BSC only has a market cap of 12 million dollars...

    Oh man these guys crack me up. The s&p says the credit crunch is over and 2 days later one of the largest brokers in the world is going under. Bank runs are starting yet everyone wants to put their head in the sand. The fed pumped 200 bill this week... we now know why... market should have sold off on that news instead of up.

    In the end everything goes to true value... in the short term its a crap shoot on the fundamentals. Watch the bonds... those guys are a tad more interested in fundamentals then equities.
  2. C'mon, be honest, you tuned in just to watch Dennis Kneale :p
  3. So inflation protected treasuries trading with negative yields are accurately reflecting economic fundamentals? I don't follow.
  4. Wow... you sound so clever. I'll just assume you are making a good point and I won't argue with you.

    I meant to say... when you see equities rallying AND bonds rallying... trust the bonds.
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    That guy is a tool.

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    Did you see Jack Bouroudjian today, all up beat about the CPI numbers, this guy is a perma bull, makes me laugh. I remember him hyping the markets at 13500+.
  7. Why do people waste so much energy bashing CNBC just trun the channel if you dont like it.
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    i keep trying to get people to turn off cnbc when kneale is on, and email cnbc telling them WHY they weren't watching.

    i guess i'm one of the few who does the only thing to get him off the air.
  9. Things aren't really that bad at all. if you want to believe the doom and gloom world is coming to an end democrat lie, feel free.