Watched Casino Royale Now I want a Austin Martin

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  1. I so feel in love with this car after watching Casio Royale, The Austin Martin Vanquish or was it a DB9? I couldnt really tell is so sexy..... Now I just need to figure out how to get one of these bad boy's :)
  2. DBS

  3. Aston Martin, made by Ford.
  4. owned by ford, not made by them, and now they are owned by prodrive, they are going places now.
  5. got 255,000??...


    My cousins grand father drives a Bently continental GT, and they let her boy friend take it for a drive. Next time I'm going to ask if they'll give me the keys :D. Hell, if I crash it, I guess they're just going to have to drive their BMW 7 series... god forbid. lol
  6. I beleive this is true, a persons grandpa was a rolls royce engineer around ww2.

    They used to place a full glass of water, over-miniscus, (ie, above the glass brim) on the engine block, if it spilled when the motor was started, it went in a bentley.

    You wont see that quality control now......

    They are a damn fine looking car, any model.
  7. Tums


    The Aston Martin is the same car as Jauger. Only different skin.
  8. Sounds like a myth. Cars today are so much better engineered than just 20 years ago, nevermind 60 years ago.
  9. Maybe, but the source was quite direct-a person i know's grandfather was the engineer, went into the royal engineers during the war. Quality only really dropped off when resources went to producing merlins for the RAF, but i might have got it wrong, maybe it was on the bonnet, that seems more plausable.

    Also, you have to remember these motors were handmade by rabid perfectionist engine geeks; they signed there names on them..... i know someone who breifly owned a 1932 (i think it was 1932 model) bentley, in the 1950's so it was an old car then-he said if it wasnt for the noise, (which was minimal for the time) you couldn't tell the car was even running, smooth as silk.

    Of course, that has nothing to do with aston martins being a damn sexy car.