Watch Your Trading Accounts.....Get Ready!

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  1. I hope he was speaking metaphorically, otherwise, it would be messed up if something bad really did happen during the next couple of days and he knew about it in advance
  2. I imagine he's explained his comments since that interview in Oct. You have to wonder if that 19 sec clip was taken out of context, too.
  3. truly bizzare. hopefully, its simply a misspeak on powells part. thanks for posting the tape!

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  5. im not sure if he knows what he is talking about. He was predicting a certain date and that just will embarrass him when nothing happens tomorrow or the day after.
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    This has circulated on the web for months now, I have heard it several times from other people as well, how true is this who knows, maybe this is the reason for todays sell off. How many think something is going to happen?
  7. i just checked the full video. It was totally taken out of context. It was obvious what he meant. Nothing is go to happen. If you dont believe me, just wait for 2 days.
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    I can't access youtube from this computer...what did he say that will happen? THX
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    Seems to be in context in the longer version (at ~ 2:35). I suspect that he just meant that Obama will have to face some new crisis after the inauguration. Odd that he used those dates though ....

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