Watch this Video then post your reaction & what you're going to do about it.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jackpearson, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Ever since Obama became a US Senator in Jan '07, unions and public sector workers have benefited at the expense of the private sector. The left does not want to bring back spending levels to 2008 levels because it will hurt the left the most.

    Obama is gutting the military, yet he got US involved in a third war.

    We have to support TEA Party candidates in the Republican primaries, then the Republicans in the general election.

    We cannot support third party candidates even if the TEA Party candidate is that candidate. Third parties lead to Democrat victories. [​IMG]
  2. this debt culture has little to do with obama, but usa as a whole.

    The only way out is to gradually inflate the dollar while stop adding new debt, we just need all the debt holders like china to stay put while we make their dollar holdings worth less. It's doable as china has a large trade surplus among other dependencies on the usa, unfortunately we also need our government to stop fuck around and reduce the budget deficit to 0 sooner than later.
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    The simple plurality voting system used in the US is deeply flawed. Under such a system, elections with more than two choices can easily lead to unrepresentative outcomes.

    The Republocrat duopoly has been the chief beneficiary of this system.
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    In the scheme of things, having a plurality vote is the least of our problems.
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    Unless we can get Jessie Jackass, Al Sharptonne or Ralph Nada to run. :D

    Or, maybe Hillary Clanton will make a third party run.
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    Personally I think we're fucked. I'd love to lock the doors while congress is in session and pump in several hundred cubic feet of cyanide gas, just so we can start over. But even then without congressional term limits the not so bright electorate will simply continue voting in the same incompetent corrupt politicians just so they can get THEIR piece of the pie, the nations future be damned.
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    Reaction: I don't let big numbers necessarily scare me. And I don't let ceteris paribus extrapolations scare me, either.

    What I'm going to do about it: I'm going (to continue ) to produce goods and services, sell them internationally, grow my company, and onshore the profit. That is, I'm going to increase my income. I've noted over the years that it's not getting any cheaper to live. If you had told me when I was a kid, new to the workplace, that one day I'd need X$ to pay my bills, I would have been... scared.
  8. Obama is telling the kids they need Obama to pay the bills.

    Thank God, on this Easter, that he sent the Chosen One to save us.