Watch this guy build a trading bot

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  1. Caveat: haven't watched the whole thing, but I like his AI videos.

  2. sss12


    Maybe you should watch it before you post it.... "JP Morgan and the big banks don't have this AI capability". Really ? LOL.
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  3. The title of that video should read "watch me use this piece of software". He didn't build anything, but is using some existing stuff. I'm not impressed by what I saw.
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  4. I know I loled a little at that.
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  5. themickey


    About 20 seconds was my limit on watching the video.
    BS meter went off scale immediately.
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  6. OK guys sorry for posting but thanks for watching it so I don't have to. <3
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  7. vin2018


    There is nothing to be sorry. It was a good video. Thanks for sharing.
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  8. 2rosy


    maybe the bot he built was one that created and uploaded videos to youtube, facebook, ...
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    I'm really busy so can't watch the whole 45 minute thing right now, but I got 5 minutes in and if the guy delivers on half of what he said, it's a great video. (I didn't want to like him at all -- that whole hair business {"Really?? Harry Potter want his hair tuft back"} put me off.)

    Anyway -- back tonight. But the gobbledy-gook of the first 5 minutes is nothing that I wouldn't expect in any ML/AI/Python/Java meet-up -- and his made more sense.
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  10. IAS_LLC


    I've watched a couple minutes of a couple of his videos...He is taking the "medium" and "towards data science" approach... which is to charasmatically summarize someone elses work.... Not a bad thing, necessarily. What I think COULD be helpful to some (from what I watched) is HOW to make the dashboard display... I dont know about yall, but I really struggle making user interfaces. I'm a backend/logic guy...and dealing with browser based UIs may very well be the death of me...

    Javascript, and its variants, is without a doubt the most hideous language ever created.
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