Watch the Nikkei tonight

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  1. Yen is once again on a tear upward. We could see another double digit daily loss on the Nikkei if the trend continues.

    Since our futures have been following world markets pretty closely we could gap down again tomorrow.
  2. Hahaha right after I post this Yen starts losing value
  3. Yen back to trading where it was this morning.

    USD/JPY 94.9xx
  4. I don't know what you mean. My platform shows that USD is down $3 against the Yen. Here is the chart:

  5. You are thinking about the exchange rate backwards. USD/JPY was trading at 97 Yen to the dollar yesterday. Right now it is trading at 94.910. That means it takes 2.09 less Yen to make up 1 USD. Meaning the value of Yen has increased.
  6. I agree that the value if the Yen has increased. I was questioning the part where you said that it's "the same as this morning".
  7. Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- The yen will strengthen 6 percent against the U.S. dollar, and the greenback will advance 4 percent against the euro, because of the unwinding of bets on higher- yielding assets, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said.

    The dollar will weaken to 90 yen in three months, before gaining to 100 yen six months from now, Goldman said. The greenback will trade at $1.20 per euro in three months, before weakening to $1.30 in six months. The previous three-month forecast was for the dollar at 112 yen and $1.45 per euro.
  8. no, Asia is actually following our down day today...Asia follows and never leads US markets...good thought though
  9. There have been several days over the past couple months that we have followed the Asian markets.
  10. I'm watching the ASX 200 right now, it followed US markets down during our day but it's stayed in a very narrow lateral since the Aussie market open. There's only about 90 mins left in the session now.
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