Watch SPX , S&P 500 at 12:25est

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  1. I know that 12:25est is usually lousy time to trade but signal came out really strong so I decided to post it. Try to match your method signal with this time to see if they corelate in some way .
    Those of you who do not have a method yet, use CCI or MACD to look for divergences around this time .
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    Thanks for the info - will see how it fits.
  4. Time was right on, divergence was there. If you draw trendline from Tuesday high at 1:30 to today high at 11:00 , at 12:20-25 est price has touched that trendline and turned down . I do not think this will be any significant move, but a good example of prediction confirmed with divergence and trendline . All of these are independent indicators so chances are pretty good that this signal will not put you in the harms way .
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    b.t.w can you tell us who will win next years' British OPEN?


  6. Using Walthers method it is easy to predict that, yes, someone will win next years British Open. It will be during the month of July. As for an exact prediction of 'who' is going to win, that's up to individual preference. No matter what though, I will be able to tell you by the end of July next year who the winner was. It will be so obvious that anyone could have picked it. I have an 80% track record predicting the British Open winner. When I introduce a filter that prohibits women and children under the age of 10 it is damn close to 100%.
  7. Just to make things clear 12:25 est was a sell signal at 990 with previous high stop at 992 . I would never enter reversal trade at this time of a day in real trading but I just want to demonstrate that even in these adverse condition this method will give you enough time to get out unharmed . I would usually wait no more then 20 min for trade to develop but in this case I will let stop to get hit so everybody can "papertrade " if desired .
  8. Something ALWAYS happens at any
    given point in time. :confused:
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    No divergence until 1:05 ET - but maybe because I use only 5 min SP chart to trade - so did not see what you spoke of.
  10. 13period CCI is best seen on 2 min charts. You should see one at 12:36 and then 13:02 . If this setup as seen on 2 min charts happens before 11:50 and past 13:30 it signals 5+point move.
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