Watch out potential crash alert

Discussion in 'Trading' started by harrytrader, Dec 17, 2002.

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  2. the situation is still not improving in fact we are very near the critical level in spite of Dow Jones rally:

    But don't anticipate a crash as long as it is not confirmed because this market can be very vicious as you know all :)
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  3. harrytrader, your crash indicator looks very interesting. I am eager to see what happens on Monday!
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  4. bubbaco


    Harrytrader,I have not taken the time to study what you have been posting.But at least you are trying to contribute something positive.I say continue to share ,even if it only helps one person then it has value.
    This only my second post,I really don't have anything to contribute ,but encouragement to those who post and share their knowledge.
    I've read this site for a year and a half-from the start I took the cotton out of my ears and put it in my mouth and have learned much from the group.
    It is evident that there are many members of ELITE TRADER who would be of better service to this community if they put some cotton in their own mouths, but don't hold your breath ,it won't happen.

    so keep posting even if you don't have anything meaningful to say ,because contributing something helpful does not seem to be required to make a lot of post.

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  5. Hello,

    Thanks you two for your support. I was angry the other day because if I'm a newcomer to eliteforum I am a not a new contributor to internet forum and I have made thousands of post in public forum since 1997 under laplace name (google made archive since 1998$96u$

    And I have always alerted people freely with this crashindex either for crashes (as in 1998 and 2000/2001) or for rally (1999).
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  6. as I posted a few days ago

    From: harrytrader2000
    Date: Thu Dec 26, 2002 1:18 pm
    Subject: Just to remember what we said about the 8285 target for Dow

    We said on 23rd December:

    "On Friday Dow reached a high of 8513.5 which was near 8512.91. This
    level was the dual of MinProjTP2 of yesterday's projection. If DJI
    failed to pass this level he could turn back to the projected level
    of 8285.58 at term (perhaps 3 to 7 days). "

    He clearly failed. So watch out this target under 8455 resistance.
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  7. Very good stuff Harry! A crash it is it seems as we hit new lows and very easy - as always though we wait to Monday - it never is as it seems lately LOL
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  8. This week target, calculated since last Friday is 8313 (see minimum on chart

    and there is a break zone at 8307 on daily chart (see that will act as support, that's why dow is making a flat on 8306. There is another break zone on daily future chart at 8295 (see so we could stop there today if there is no time left before the close.

    Well as I am writing it, he has broken it already :).

    French Cac40 did the same but manage to close near its weekly target of 3025 at 3023.5. If Dow do the same we should close near 8313 but no garantee since my model do not predict close but calculate top and local bottoms for each scale.

    P.S.: 8285 was given on 23rd December. If you look at daily chart today you can see the "true" number at 8288 so it is very close.

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  10. Crashindex updated

    Comment on monday before europe market's opening.

    "This system alone, however, is not sufficient to profit in the stock market with active trading, especially not in the short term and must be complemented with other analyses."

    :D Well mine is better for that. And I don't even speak of my super fondamental model which can predict top and bottom to the pinpoint remember my target of 8285.58 given on 23rd December Dow made a bottom of 8285.14 :)

    Well you'd better trust market practicians than physicians. This one is the famous pittbul crash indicator, as I said mine is to comfort or not their crash signal (mine also give bullish signal I don't remember they do)

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