Watch out potential crash alert

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  1. "Watch out potential crash alert"
    From: harrytrader2000
    Date: Tue Dec 17, 2002 9:18 am
    Subject: Watch out potential crash alert

    An american site have been publishing each year crash alert signal

    They sometimes gave false signal that's why we have built our own
    crashindex that would confirm or not their signal.

    after Friday

    after yesterday

    Near -5 our index means a potential rally, under -6 potential crash
    alert. When after reaching +6, the index fall again under 5 it means
    potential top.

    Friday the crashindex index approached the -5 level. We saw a logical
    rally Monday but we are now in negative territory so watch out the -6
    signal if it ever happens.

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    This may be good, but does Baron know you are peddling your products here? :)
  3. Quick, tell Baron about it...:D
  4. Sorry if I have made something wrong ? My post I supposed will be erased then :)


    Nevertheless be careful weekly target is at 8275 calcultaed from last Friday close so there is rest for a little downside potential since we made a low of about "only" 8300:

    P.S.: crashindex is totally independant from my "fondamental" model for predicting tops and bottoms. It's just a stochastic indicator that I use since 1997 to follow crash cycle in conjunction with Pittbul's crash indicator.
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    posting graphs, giving some info OK.
    don't ask people to join your group from here and everyone will be happy.
  7. I just alert people and it's free. If you don't like it ok, I will quit this COMMERCIAL FORUM.

    Bye !

    P.S: I intended to buy advertisment here but I think that finally I won't do so.

  8. I bet you did, Panama Red.
  9. I don't understand your remark, can you reformulate ?

    This forum has it success from the contributions of all. I have contributed to this forum as far as I can tell. If some moderators are so much worried about their commercial revenues well I don't know why I will contrinute here freely also.

    What I don't like is the expression "everyone will be happy": as if the hapiness of the whole world is expressed by the opinion of one person.

    I have some principle in life and I don't like the hypocrisis of non commercial versus commercial. They do commercial things using everyone FREE contributions and they are ofuscated because I mentionned my mailing ? Well sorry but I won't continue to post FREELY for them to make business on my work.

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