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  1. These prices will be touched well before the end of next week:

    C $2.78 (now at $3.08)
    BAC $710 (now at $7.88)
    AGO $7.30 (now at $8.38)
    HIG $8.96 (now at $9.85)
    ING $6.08 (now at $6.63)
    USG $7.90 (now at 8.62)

    ....and the list goes on.
    Lucrative opportunities for short-sellers!
  2. based on what????
  3. The only thing I want to comment on is that I can't believe USG is near $8.

    I remember Buffet was acquiring shares at $100, and when it fell to $50, Buffet was loudly proclaiming that he'd be aggressively buying more shares anytime USG dipped below $51.

    He must have taken an absolute and relentless beating on USG alone.
  4. Well,...let's call it a 'proprietary version of technical analysis'!
    Just remenber these prices and you will see (you may refer to my other postings as well to ascertain the accuracy of SACHTARIDIScom predictions).
    Furthermore, unfortunatelly (or fortunatelly, for shortsellers) these prices are _conservative_. I wouldn't be impressed if they could go well lower..
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    I sure hope you're right about BAC .
  6. Ooops typo: BAC at $7.10, not $710!!!
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    snake-oil salesman warning
  8. I'd love to start my short positions....but the stress test results for banks might hold or cause another rally.

    I wouldn't get short until after march 30th.
  9. you keep losin' when you oughta not bet.
    You keep samin' when you oughta be a changin'.
    Now what's right is right, but you ain't been right yet.
  10. hmmm... big selloff underway
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