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  1. The scammers that were here shilling from has closed the doors and now opened up
    WARNING they are scammers and will keep switching. We already went through this with scalptrades and now this is the same scamming. STAY AWAY. PM me for any details
  2. Moving to News forum.
  3. andyszyd


    I am glad you keep exposing the scammers from, their site is no longer up, I was in this room for about 3 weeks, paid $150 subscription, fortunately for me did NOT take theirs suicidal trades on BIDU, trying to scalp 10 or 15 cents, on 70K investment, then losing it all and more (anything from1000 to 3000 or more on 1 trade).
    This was like playing russian rulette, absolutely no worry of preserving one's capital, not to mention a sound trading practices and rules.

    3 weeks into my 150 a month membership, Dean (or whoewer he is) sent me a pushy email, to "upgrade" my membershio from 150 to 500 a month. That was it, I email him that I have no intention of reneving my membership, cause I did not make any money, and I believe his trading sucks big time.

    I only lost about $300 total, playing very small, and not taking most of the trades. but some people who are naive and not carefull probably lost big. Their claims in the long run are all bogus, the fact there is such a big turnover in the room should be a warning sign (it was for me, that why I did not lose big).

    Than they conveniently close previous thread, keep exposing those bastards, I will help you any way I can.
  4. I was there for 3 weeks also. They performance is bogus. I can make a excel sheet with figures in 5 minutes and post it. No member was there for any length of time. 1/2 to 3/4 of the people in the room were all FAKE, they were made up by the owner, dean. He made up all of these and used aliases here on elite trader to boost the site up. DO a search on Stock Scalper's P&L and user name is stockman007 that will tell you all you need to know. HUNDRED SHARES IS SAME OWNER, SAME SCAMMER. do a WHOIS serach on the domain, and then read the old thread i posted above and you have all the proof you need. I got scammed and dont want others to as well.
  5. Now dont take this the wrong way but ......

    Why would anyone pay someone for a "room" with some knuckelhead feeding them supposed trading signals ?

    Here is the biggest "signal" that you are not ready and should not be trading .. ... the signal is that you would pay a dime for someone to feed you trades (possibly dubious).

    Before you start risking any of your own capital or start accruing costs, you had bettter have worked out your trading strategies on your own time, using your own brain. If you cant do this then dont start trading.
  6. well when you have pushers making a topic and showing trades and then you get a free trial and see the winners, its HARD NOT to believe it. When you are in there every day and see it day after day, then you see the real things that are happening and the threads posted start to raise questions, slowly but surely, you get it. If we could see in the future, we would all be happy
  7. Hey dude, good job on exposing that scumbag. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and did the free trial. I made one trade on which I made money but I noticed that the signals were late when it came to the entries & exits. I did my own trading, so I ignored some of his calls and was selective based on my own experience but whoever followed them step by step was no doubt a loser.
  8. andyszyd

    andyszyd The new scam by previous which is now closed.

    I was in the scalptrades room for 3 weeks, lost a few hundresds ( at my own discretion) could lose thousands if I followed their recommendations).

    The historical resaults posted on this webside are mostly bogus, this website was just created recently, therfore the "historical" resaoults are a scam and a lie.

    Folks, be very carefull before you risk your hardearned dollar on a $500 "premium" "elite" membership on this fly by night scheme previously WWW.SCALPTRADES.COM

    Before you join ask 2 questions:

    1: Broker statements of the "resoults" of their trading,

    I bet you will get a round around on this one.

    Then if you are still not convinced ask "why your members last only a couple of weeks or so".

    Then if you are still not convinced ask (and check out with webmaster) when the current site was created, posting previous "historical" record.

    If you are still not convinced you are an idiot and you deserve to have your money taken out from your pocket by unscrupulous scammers.
  9. WHOIS details:

    Domain Name..........
    Creation Date........ 2005-04-20
    Registration Date.... 2005-04-20
    Expiry Date.......... 2006-04-20
    Organisation Name.... Dean Mohamed
    Organisation Address. 82-35 country pointe circle
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. queens village
    Organisation Address. 11427
    Organisation Address. NY
    Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

    Admin Name........... Dean Mohamed
    Admin Address........ 82-35 country pointe circle
    Admin Address........
    Admin Address........ queens village
    Admin Address........ 11427
    Admin Address........ NY
    Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
    Admin Email..........
    Admin Phone.......... +1.2012300914
    Admin Fax............

    WHOIS details:

    Domain Name
    Creation Date 2005-09-14
    Registration Date 2005-09-14
    Expiry Date 2006-09-14
    Organisation Name Dean Mohamed
    Organisation Address P O Box 99800
    Admin Name PrivateRegContact Admin
    Admin Address P O Box 99800
    Admin Email
    Admin Phone +1.5105952002
    Tech Name PrivateRegContact TECH
    Tech Address P O Box 99800
    Tech Email
    Tech Phone +1.5105952002
    Name Server

    As you can see, both scam sites are registered under Dean Mohamed. The new site ( was created only last week and they already have atrack record? Man, this guy must think elitetrader members are that dumb.
  10. I warned every one last week, pure scammer...the dude doesnt even trade his own picks, he does this out of his home and does not play his own picks..what does that tell ya...
    #10     Sep 17, 2005
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